Cssetti.com Servers List



Install instructions

Remember to backup your original copies in case you want to revert.

1a. Download: MasterServers.vdf (for HL2, Steam, CS:S, TF2, L4D, L4D2, Orange Box, ...)

1b. Download: MasterServers.vdf (for CS1.6)

1c. Download: MasterServers.vdf (for CS:S

2. Copy MasterServers.vdf to config directory

* Standalone: C:gamesCounter-Strike SourceplatformconfigMasterServers.vdf

* Steam: C:Program FilesSteamconfigMasterServers.vdf

* NOTE: If masterserver2.vdf is in the same directory then overwrite it too - notice the naming difference

3. Make MasterServers.vdf read-only

* Right-click over MasterServers.vdf, select "Properties" and check "Read-only"

Remember to make the file READ-ONLY!

Making the VDF read-only prevents your game or Steam from overwriting it in some cases.

Updating MasterServer.vdf